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Hello my name is…
Hello my name is Deirdre Munro. I would love to tell you about our Global Village Network Community. It all
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Mercy Ships receives Recognition Award
The Floating Hospital’-Mercy ships set to receive a special recognition award at the Zenith Global Healthcare Practitioners awards in London
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Precious moment with – Gareth Pretch (Founder-World Health Summit Innovation)
It was great meeting up with Gareth in London recently. Despite his tight schedule with meetings lined up for the
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Sepsis awareness – World Sepsis Day
Sepsis is always caused by an infection, most often by bacteria sometimes by fungi or Protozoa (like malaria). This means
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3 Reasons the Zenith Global Health Awards Rock
   Established by Healthcare practitioners -It is first of its kind for healthcare professionals,to acknowledge and celebrate them for their
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Hello and welcome to Zenith Global health
Hello and welcome, We are excited to have you on board. ‘Celebrating Excellence In Healthcare’ is first of its kind
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Nominations now open for the ‘Celebrating Excellence In Healthcare’
The moment we have all been waiting for is here. Nominations now open for the ‘Celebrating Excellence In Healthcare’ Gong.
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