Do I need to pay to enter or nominate for the awards.?

It is free to enter and nominate for the awards.

Is there word count limit for the submission form?

You can write up to 350 words in the ‘more information column’ there are also single line questions requiring contact details. The contact details are very important as the judges will require evidence of professional achievements and impact of projects where applicable. You may also include links to work and imagery as relevant.

How about Confidentiality?

We take confidentiality seriously,entries will be read by selected group of judges who are also healthcare professionals and the administrative team at Zenith Global Health.Please let us know if there is any aspect of your work that you would rather we do not share on our platform as some of our aims are collaboration and shared learning. We will however be happy to oblige your request.

What are the criteria for eligibility to enter

Nominees and entrants (individuals and teams)must currently be working in posts relevant to the category entered for.All projects must be currently active with outcome and impact evident,been completed not longer than 12 months prior to submission.

Can entries be submitted by private healthcare organizations?

Yes,the awards are open to both the NHS,private ,public and third party sectors in health and social care. This includes charitable organizations too. As a Global platform,entries can be submitted from Countries outside the United Kingdom for the International categories and teams.

What if I am not able to attend the awards ceremony as a shortlisted finalist?

It is okay if you are not able to attend the awards ceremony,this will have no effect whatsoever on the outcome on the outcome of your entry.We request that you give us enough notice. We would however encourage you to celebrate your success at the ceremony with family and colleagues.

When will I know if I am shortlisted?

Finalists will be announced at a scheduled date once nominations ended. This will be communicated to all shortlisted candidates,in the media including our website. You can also contact us at info@zenithglobalhealth.com. We are happy to provide feedback on your entry after the awards ceremony.

How much does it cost to attend the awards ceremony?

The cost to attend the awards ceremony are in 2 tiers. Early Bird discounted rate tickets usually on sale till about one month to the event. The tickets go back to standard price thereafter. Details can be found here- https://zenithglobalhealth.com/book-a-table/ . Please email Zoemoses-sawyer@zenithglobalhealth.com for more information.

How will Zenith Global Health use my data?

We request the personal and contact details of both the nominee and nominator on the nomination page on our website. this include name,email address and phone number. they will be stored on our system for communications about the awards.You can unsubscribe and manage your preferences at any time. Please take time to read the rivalry Policy and Terms and Conditions.

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