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Open to up and coming healthcare professionals demonstrating qualities of a bright future. Proactive and progressive in all areas with valid contributions to upholding excellence in healthcare.

Cutting edge, high impact innovative and   creative initiative that have led to improved practice, care delivery, services and cost effectiveness. This could be in health and life sciences or social care. Must be sustainable and evidence/research based.

Open to Nurses and Midwives with demonstrated characteristics of a Leader, change agent and positive role model by consistently contributing and leading improved care, education, training and sustenance.

Individual or team who have positively impacted the future care and treatment of patients through cutting edge, world class research. It can include studies, trials and procedures that have changed practices across board leading to life changing care and treatments for patients, as well as improve education and training for clinical staff. It can be a collaborative project/initiative.

A team or group that have consistently demonstrate and uphold excellence in healthcare through  working collaboratively, often going the extra mile to provide exceptional service (s). They must have evidence of substantive contributions enabling their organisation to provide services and care to patients, service users and colleagues.

Open to healthcare professionals practising and living outside the United Kingdom. Criteria for shortlisting will be the same. Validation and authentication of  contributions ,work and impact on healthcare delivery in area of practice  will be carried out by the judges.

Healthcare professionals involved in holistic care- physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Identifying and implementing care models, support systems for service users, patients and colleagues where relevant.

This award is open to and will recognise the diverse and vastness of practitioners  that fall within the category

We are looking for an outstanding GP who has made a major contribution to the health of their patients either by initiating new services at a local or national level. The judges will be particularly be interested in the evidence that has been generated to show impact and the feedback that has resulted from those that have benefited.

We are looking for instances where an individual /Team have gone beyond the call of duty to offer not just high levels of healthcare but has also been concerned with the  social implications especially in disadvantaged groups. We would like to see changes that have been made which will have long term benefits.

This category is open to Medical Personnel in any aspect of surgery who have made significant and sustainable contributions to patient care either through ground breaking innovative procedures or setting up and improving services by making it patient centred, consequently improving intervention and treatment.  Anaesthetists can also be nominated for this category .

Project must be relevant to area of specialty, geared towards developing better services or improve current services to make a lasting difference to health and social care. It must be portable and scalable for replicating to enhance /improve healthcare delivery in other healthcare settings.

Individual or a group using technology to advance training and healthcare delivery, reduce health inequalities, improve outcomes, including but not limited to cost effectiveness and sustenance. This could be organised knowledge in the form of devices, systems or procedures.

Using media as tool for teaching, training ,educating and create awareness of health, wellness and social care. Improving health via media sources -on line, social media, radio, or television providing inspiration and support for patients’ groups, community and healthcare professionals to converse and foster a 2 way collaboration, change behaviour and improve health outcomes.

Could Individuals that have led a team or an organisation that have created a sustainable initiative and pathway to diversity ,inclusion and equity in healthcare with defined vision for desired outcome, evidence of understanding the dynamics of change and designing an appropriate strategy while combining the most effective interventions and best practices for diversity, inclusion, equity and justice as part of  embedded fabric of the organisation.

Open to pharmacists, driving change and executing innovative ways of supporting patients through health education, new way of working and contributing to health and well being either in hospital or community. Evidence of initiatives, quantifying its success and how it has helped improve patient’s care and outcome.

Individuals working in Human resource who has best demonstrated their work as a strategic management tool, to deliver measurable contributions to the organisation’s overall performance. Must be able to provide evidence of their contributions to the success of the team’s outcome, highlighting how they have inspired and developed others. Also of using innovative ways to share knowledge, promote ideas and communicate.

Group of Healthcare Professionals that play a vital role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a vast number of medical conditions. We believe they are the backbone of Healthcare delivery and their work underpins over 70% of all diagnosis.

This category is applicable to individuals, team or group that have used innovation, unilateral research, projects to transform patient care and service delivery.

It coversLaboratory Pathology Sciences, Physiological Sciences, Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering, Bioinformatics.

This category is open to Radiologists, Radiographers and Medical Imaging professionals who have made significant and sustained contributions to patient care either through innovation, setting up or improving services by making it patient centred and widely accessible.

This award is open to diagnostic and interventional radiology services. Evidence of initiatives, audit results quantifying its success, external recognition and how it has helped improve patient’s care and the outcome is desirable.

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