Meet Mary Akangbe, Nurse Specialist Practitioner in minimally invasive surgery

Folks, meet Mary Akangbe, Nurse Specialist Practitioner in minimally invasive surgery, passionate about technology advancements in healthcare. Read on, be inspired, share your knowledge with others!


As a Nurse Specialist Practitioner in minimally invasive surgery, I have over the years watched how patient experiences and clinical outcomes improved due to advancement in technology, from less time in surgery to enhanced recovery.

We started with one chip camera, then moved to 3 chip cameras, 3D cameras, videoscopes integrated theatres, and 4K robotic scope holders to full operating robots like Da Vinci and now AI, all of which I have been privileged to be an integral part of training, research, and development. Healthcare professionals, students, and learners have benefitted greatly through enhanced learning.

It is a privilege for me to be able to grow, contribute and advance with technology in this manner and work alongside many surgical pioneers, as well as world-thought leading experts in healthcare.

I have the opportunity of being involved in teaching, training, skills’ transfer globally, including transforming health in Africa. I go out every year with the West African College of Surgeons to different African countries, like Ghana, Togo, Liberia, Cameroon, Gambia, Senegal etc., for both clinical work and skills’ transfer training in Endoscopic/Laparoscopic work. I also do ongoing work with professional minimally invasive bodies and hospitals in Nigeria and Kenya for capacity building, teaching, training, support, and advice on infrastructure for technological advancement in healthcare for setting up services. This is mainly to establish and sustain best practices and safety in this rapidly developing specialty (digital and health tech) in the regions, as well as integrating robust clinical governance across the board.

The excitement of what’s next is hard to contain, as the continuous technological advancements in healthcare are incredible!

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