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About AHAS 2024

Zenith Global Health has built a team with diverse skill set allowing the company to bring its vision to life creatively and in an innovative manner. Our main aim is to foster collaborations, innovations, systems strengthening and shared learning so that we can embrace and establish best practices globally.

At Zenith Global Health, we recognize that many healthcare and allied healthcare professionals go beyond the call of duty to ensure delivery and sustenance of quality care for patients globally – and we proudly celebrate this! 

At the recently concluded Africa Healthcare Awards and Summit (AHAS) in Dakar, Senegal in November 2023; it was highlighted how capacity building, benchmarking and strengthening health systems is of importance. It was agreed that re-inventing the wheel was unnecessary, while emphasis was solely on learning from the success and failures of developed countries with strong health infrastructure while working collaboratively in innovative way as Continent.

Having just come out of the Covid19 Pandemic, focus on population health, health equity and access is of utmost importance. Improving medical products and devices, human resource for health (human capital) healthcare financing, focus on climate change and impact of health technology on addressing inequality and access plus protecting our Continent through collaboration to ensure sustenance was also an integral part of the discussions.

Going forward, with the focus on harnessing the many parts that will ensure we are adequately prepared to move the Universal Health Coverage and Health for all agenda forward. Zenith Global Health will host the fourth (4th) Africa Healthcare Awards and Summit (AHAS) in Accra, Ghana, on the 22nd – 23rd April 2024.
The Africa Healthcare Awards Ceremony will hold in the evening of Tuesday, 23rd April 2024.

This event will draw thought leaders from across Africa and globally. What are you waiting for?

Under the main theme ‘Advances in Population Health -Tackling Inequalitie and Access: A One Health Approach’ discussions will be based around:

AHAS 2024 Recipients

AHAS 2024 Finalists

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