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September 16, 2016

It was great meeting up with Gareth in London recently. Despite his tight schedule with meetings lined up for the whole day, I had the opportunity to not only meet the other members of the team; but enjoyed a ‘Precious moment’ with him. Looking forward to seeing him at the Zenith Health Awards on 5th. November. Enjoy the moment and find out why he is so passionate about people and healthcare. Q – Hi, could you please introduce yourself? Gareth Presch, 37 originally from Dublin, Ireland and now living just outside Carlisle, Cumbria. I’m married to Krista and we’ve 2 girls Mia (3) and Darcey (7 months) and I’m the founder of the World Health Innovation Summit. Q – Where are you based? I’m based just outside Carlisle, Cumbria. Our work reaches a Global audience. We’ve team members in multiple countries from Greece, Germany, Morocco etc. We make great use of technology such as skype. Q – What is your background? I worked in the NHS for about 16 months in Ehealth and District Nursing locally here in Cumbria and I was the Former Chief Officer of the National Haemophilia Council of Ireland. I previously had roles as the National Programme Lead for Blood Transfusion, Haemochromatosis, Estates, Primary Care,

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September 14, 2016

Sepsis is always caused by an infection, most often by bacteria sometimes by fungi or Protozoa (like malaria). This means prevention of infection is one of the best ways to prevent sepsis. It remains the most common pathway to death following an infection, despite advances in modern medicines like vaccines, antibiotics and intensive care.rjay

Here is what Professor R.Jaiyesimi have to say

Today (13th.Sept.) is World Sepsis Day. We all need to be aware of its early symptoms as if not treated promptly, the death of the individual is almost inevitable. It is a medical emergency and time is of the essence. The sepsis 6 care bundle if commenced and completed on time saves lives. Please consult a doctor if you feel unwell, have a raised temperature or breathing fast. It could be sepsis. Other symptoms of sepsis is confusion or coma (altered mental state), shivering or high temperature or feeling very cold. Early recognition and prompt treatment saves lives. Please feel free to share this Educational Information. It might just save one life. This video speaks for itself.

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August 27, 2016
  1.    Established by Healthcare practitioners -It is first of its kind for healthcare professionals,to acknowledge and celebrate them for their commitment, selfless dedication and achievements.
  2.    Opportunity to network and mingle with thought leaders , innovative and key individuals in various fields of expertise in the healthcare profession from UK and globally
  3.    Potential to open doors of opportunity for personal and professional development through powerful speakers relevant to latest trend and innovation in healthcare

It is going to be a night to remember as we celebrate, dine and connect. Make plans to join us now

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May 12, 2016

Hello and welcome, We are excited to have you on board. ‘Celebrating Excellence In Healthcare’ is first of its kind and the level of at which it is embraced plus the atmosphere is electric. We welcome you to share and most importantly nominate that Iconic individual,group or team that have contributed immensely to establishment and delivery of excellent patient care globally so we can acknowledge and celebrate them together. We all know that healthcare practitioners are selfless individuals who often commit their lives to their profession,always putting others (usually patients)first while constantly striving to improve on current care and support. It is also a fact that these group of professionals are often not acknowledged outside of their professional achievements. We at Zenith Global Health aim to not only recognise but celebrate all healthcare and Allied healthcare practitioners annually at the ‘ Celebrating of Excellence In Healthcare Dinner,Dance and Awards’ ceremony. Recognising outstanding achievements to encourage,nurture and promote widespread and sustained excellence in healthcare. You are all invited to join us on the 5th. November at Selsdon Park Hotel and Golf Club as we celebrate each other in an awesome environment ; each one Iconic in our own rights. It is going to be a Night to remember for a long time to come. Don’t miss it! Look forward to seeing you all t

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May 8, 2016

The moment we have all been waiting for is here. Nominations now open for the ‘Celebrating Excellence In Healthcare’ Gong. Go on and nominate that Iconic individual,group or yourself in relevant categories. Nomination closes at Midnight on the 15th. July 2016. Watch the space for details on tickets to the event and other updates. To advertise or partner with us email Exciting times ahead.

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