3 Unique Facts about Zenith Global Healthcare Awards

  1. Zenith Global Healthcare is a Non-Profit Organisation set up and run by Healthcare Professionals to acknowledge and celebrate their colleagues for their dedication, groundbreaking work, and commitment to upholding excellence in healthcare globally, which often are often unrecognized.
  2. The awards are free to enter and are in 3 tiers. Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition awards can be self or peer nominations and non-competitive. Credentials and achievements are verified by the organizing committee and independent adjudicators. The category awards are competitive and are judged by our panel of judges who are experienced and highly skilled Healthcare Professionals in various specialties.
  3. Zenith Global Healthcare is not just an awards platform, but a space for learning, collaboration, and partnership. In its 3rd.year, it has become a permanent feature in Healthcare calendar with nominations and attendance from as far as Middle East, Asia, Africa Europe and all over the United Kingdom. ** Our Vision is to build a community of healthcare professionals upholding excellence across the board, nurturing sustainable collaboration and partnership. Join us on Saturday the 6th October 2018 for Zenith Global Healthcare Awards 2018 https://wine.rolems.com/tickets/ We look forward to welcoming you.

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