Sepsis awareness – World Sepsis Day

Sepsis is always caused by an infection, most often by bacteria sometimes by fungi or Protozoa (like malaria). This means prevention of infection is one of the best ways to prevent sepsis. It remains the most common pathway to death following an infection, despite advances in modern medicines like vaccines, antibiotics and intensive care.rjay

Here is what Professor R.Jaiyesimi have to say

Today (13th.Sept.) is World Sepsis Day. We all need to be aware of its early symptoms as if not treated promptly, the death of the individual is almost inevitable. It is a medical emergency and time is of the essence. The sepsis 6 care bundle if commenced and completed on time saves lives.

Please consult a doctor if you feel unwell, have a raised temperature or breathing fast. It could be sepsis. Other symptoms of sepsis is confusion or coma (altered mental state), shivering or high temperature or feeling very cold. Early recognition and prompt treatment saves lives. Please feel free to share this Educational Information. It might just save one life. This video speaks for itself.

Professor Rotimi Jaiyesimi, is the Associate Medical Director, Patient Safety. Basildon and Thurrock Hospitals NHS Foundation



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